So I got on a date with my boyfriend and he goes to the bathroom. Immediately a water comes over, asks if I would like some more water and for my phone number. Umm really? I mean, he was cute, not going to lie, but I have a boyfriend...he says, to me. "I figured you needed some water cause it looks like you and him are all dried out" haha I laughed, good one. "Sorry guy, keep moving" He bumps the table and water is all over me! Unbelievable. What a creep!
Waiter Me This
I went out with a guy I knew from work, and from music shows. We had a great time together and I thought that maybe there was a possibility of getting closer to each other. He seemed really nice and we had a ton of similar interests. We had a few drinks and I spent the night at his house so that I wouldn't have to drive. We didn't have sex, just snuggled and passed out. The next morning he was really warm and said he would call me later, then I left for work. Later that evening I get a picture of him standing next to a picture of David Hasselhoff (not too bad), then right after that first text I get a picture of his dick illuminated by a black light (not at that point with him yet), then I get a text that reads "Let me see dem big titties, yo." At first I thought someone had stolen his phone because this seemed so out of character, and I didn't have time to respond right then anyways. An hour later he texts back asking if I received his texts and says, "What's up with my titty shot
Dem Big Ole Titties
My boss asked me to stay after work to finish a project with him. He said, he has been saving a bottle of champagne in his office for a special moment. Asked if I wanted some.. Thinking to myself, is this a special moment. Then begins to tell me that he is leaving his wife, she is so bad to him. The man starts rubbing my Sexual Harassment..
Boss AfterWork Nightmare
So Sunday morning, I am enjoying my stroll to church and this police officer comes up to me and asks if i'm ok. I thought nothing of it. I said im fine and kept walking. He started following me. I get to Church and he sites in the same isle...The cop actually starts hitting on me, while the priest is in his sermon! Nice going creepy police chief!
Amen Creeper Chief
I had a guy kick me out of his place because I wouldn't make out with him. More of a dick than a creep. But still, fuck that guy.
To Prude For This Dude
The guy who was trying to get me to kiss him when I was really drunk and tried to insist I was fine. Have another drink he says..
Slipping Mickeys Creep
Was hanging out with a guy, as friends. I told him I wasn't looking for a relationship. Yet he still said he wasn't comfortable with me hanging out with other guys. Peace!
Clingy Church Creep
This one guy recently told me he "knows" I'm some kind of sexual deviant after saying only two words to him. And then said it's impossible for guys to be just friends with girls.
You Say He's Just A Friend
The guy who tried to make me kiss him when I was trying to leave his house. Forcing me to kiss you really turns on a woman!
Brute Force Kiss
A guy once asked my if I had Aspergers on a date. Real charmer.
Charming Creeper
I was waiting to pay my tab at the bar and a drunk guy who was probably twice my age said "Are you my pinky toe?" I just stared at him, and he said "Because I could bang you on every piece of furniture." Then I left. Not sure if that was creepy or just real sad.
Clever Pinky Toe Banger
I once had a guy over hear my Starbucks order. I work in a mall so I would sometimes grab a latte before heading to my shift at Aeropostale. Anyway, this guy overhears me order then brings me that drink every single time I'm working. He had memorized my schedule! like, it was a nice gesture, but honestly it just left me feeling really creeped out.
Mocha Latte Creepachino
I work at a department store and for a while there was this guy who would ALWAYS come to my department (the woman's casual) and just spend time there for the majority of my shift. My coworkers told me that he would leave when my shift was over. Total creep.
Department Store Sneaker Cr...
I work at Bed Bath & Beyond and once time I totally found cum on the pillows in our bed department. That is an "at home activity."
Bed Bath & Beyond Creepy
Totally saw a guy masturbating on the street. Chicago ladies, stay away from Kedzie and Fullerton Ave. So gross.
Creep Street Masturbater

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